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Weather in Iceland – 5 day forecast & yearly average

The Iceland weather is perfect for the great outdoors and breathtaking wilderness
A topic of meaningful conversation about any destination is always the weather. However, no other destination comes close to this discussion than the Iceland weather. The weather in Iceland is also a favourable topic for the local Icelander’s.

Iceland weather is a great deal warmer than you’d imagine, to draw a little picture. In fact, it provides you with the best possible weather, summer and winter, to get involved in the outdoor tours and adventures of the season. In that respect, tourism never stops and nor do the amazing tours and activities.

As far as seasons go, it is realistically split into the two main seasons – winter and summer. Each is accumulating about five or six months, and during each season, the weather remains consistent year on year.

If you love spending time outdoors in the vast wilderness, then the weather in Iceland is one you will love. The Iceland weather is strange in many respects but offers a realistic idea of what it may be like on a given day.

Although the temperature can vary by almost 20°C from one day to the next, the temperature between day and night is very consistent. In other words, what you plan to wear at lunch time would most likely provide the same comfort in the late evening.

Strange doesn’t end there. The weather in Iceland can be distinctly different within five or ten minutes apart. There’s indeed a little Icelandic joke – If you don’t like the Iceland weather, just give it five minutes.

5 Day Forecast

The weather in Iceland is perfection for seasonal adventures
Reykjavik, Iceland
clear sky
69% humidity
wind: 2m/s E
H 6 • L 3
Weather from OpenWeatherMap
The summer months can be surprisingly warm. Warm enough to take a few layers off and sunbathe. Sufficiently warm to wear shorts all day trekking. The winter is very consistent too. Come prepared and dressed for rain, wind and snow, a good pair of waterproof boots, gloves and a woolly hat and you’re ready to venture out all day.

Iceland Weather – Yearly Averages

Average Temperature in Iceland

Iceland weather

Average Sunshine in Iceland

Iceland weather

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